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VITAL MGMT offers three levels of business performance coaching services all aimed at making companies better at what they do while perfecting their performance.

Bi4Ci this is the basic service open to all CI dealers with QuickBooks® contractor pro operational. The service offers continuously updated dashboards and monthly town hall group coaching sessions. After set-up fees it is a $300/month service.

BRAVAS Associate Coaching this is reserved for companies with 10 or more employees who are committed to growth and increased profitability. Beyond the Bi4CI service this include personalized coaching, financial plan development and best practice sharing between dealers. After set-up fees it is a $2000.00/month service and certain qualifications must be met.

BRAVAS Group Cooperative this service adds joint services like Marketing under the BRAVAS brand, and future services as funded like investment banking letter of intent process and monetization options. After set-up fees include branding, initiation, and on-boarding it is a $4,0000/month service. Each participant is required to have the sane paid in patronage. Members are expected to conform to disciplined sets of defined practices and members share a vision to unite in a continental wide (USA/CANADA) merger of the business if proven feasible.