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For 15 years Steve Firszt has fancied himself as the quintessential CI business mentor. And, having worked side by side the past 7 years, I get it. In all my business years, I have witnessed few real students of a business model and fewer ones who can put it to action. What Steve has developed and perfected is awe-inspiring because it is so simple and deals with ultra-simple concepts. Benchmarking an industry is not a simple task. It takes lot of forethought and validation. Determining the best metrics to measure is not that easy either. There are scads of metrics that almost become meaningless when put to use. Today with the VITAL MGMT metrics, most of the basics are there to be revealed. More recently we uncovered sales, backlog and conversion metrics that provide momentum guidance as well. We are an industry of do-it-yourselfers, we have independently recreated the wheel hundreds and hundreds of times. The real satisfaction is in seeing owner/operator after owner/operator turn their businesses into more efficient business operations. We have clients in So Florida, Dallas and Salt Lake City who most recently conquered their business potential. Each with a different journey but all with results they never believe they could get to. When a company reaches the pinnacle on our dashboard system, their core panels are all BLUE. * 30 point spread between Margin & Compensation is a BLUE performer. It’s an accomplishment worth noting. We wanted to reach out to all those who have mastered the system working with us. Your trust and belief in the fundamentals make you the best you can be. Congratulations and all our best for a tremendous 2021. Oh, and thank you for drinking the coffee.

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