What If You Sold Your Business Tomorrow?

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Many of you and us don’t often think about the next thing, we are too busy doing the current thing. Planning your future is difficult at best and often it never ends like we think it might. In fact, graceful exits (to the passion-filled job you have done for a long time) usually end, at best, awkwardly.

So, I encourage you to ask the question: what would I do if? Here are some popular choices:

  • Make sure your employees are taken great care of

  • Make sure past clients get treated well

  • Find something else to dedicate my time to

  • Travel and enjoy life more: slow down

  • Have enough more to retire comfortably

  • See more of my kids, grandkids

  • Go into the witness protection program (so no one can find me)

  • Continue to contribute to the business in some way

  • Pursue a hobby with passion

  • Find a cause I can get fully behind and make a difference

There is no correct answer, it is a very personal thing. Hopefully some of these might get you thinking. And thinking can lead to putting things in motion.

My sunset plan involves three things:

Find a talented, capable person to take over the helm.

Keep some part of the business I really enjoy most to stay involved.

Create an upside potential that rewards me if the business does well.

Your plan can and should be different. I would only encourage you not to wait to have a plan or a notion of where it all goes. We all wish for a happy ending but those that take action far more times than not, get there sooner.

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