Actions to Manage By .. 50 You Can Take NOW

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You want different results? You must do different things?We have all heard actions speak louder than words. But which actions make a difference in our daily routines? What wiggles the needle of profitability, efficiency and improvement? We have listed 50 actions and a scorecard for determining your progress against each. They fall into 5 key areas: Revenue, Margin, Compensation, Overhead & Cash. There is nothing here that has not been done before. It just might not be getting done at your place of business. Click here for the LIST. Assess yourself. What is in place? Prioritize what needs to be addressed first. Commit the team to the tasks. Be diligent in assigning the actions, record and celebrate success. Tackling two of these actions every month will make a huge impact. Send us a thank you note when you made some wins!

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