What's Your Vision [for your company]?

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Most Ci companies got to where they are, without much vision. Many just point the vehicle and drive.

We wonder how much farther do companies get when they have a vision? One that is backed up with specific plans to arrive somewhere in some given length of time.

Do you imagine how you might differentiate your company from the others? Do you have goals that are measurable? Such as number of clients, trade relationships, employees, revenue, profit or some other measure? Do you seek growth or seek just to survive?

Or is there a level of satisfaction you have in mind for servicing clients, developing employees, creating a balance in your life or other qualitative measure?

Has your vision been written down and shared explicitly with your employees and other stakeholders? Does everyone that supports your company get where you are going?

Great visioning balances quantitative goals and qualitative goals. Here is one simple framework for spotting your vision:

Examples being:

Clients/Employees: Which clients and employees will we select? How many? What is critical to earning both's respect and loyalty? What position do we aim to achieve with both?

The Space: Are we a luxury play? A mid Market play? How does this translate to pricing, value perceptions, competitive advantage? Sustainability?

Partners: How aggressively will we pursue trade partners? Which partners in our ecosystem are valued targets? How will we get this done?

Growth/ROI: How will these visionary strategies result in growth and ROI? What are the major

elements: capital and people acquisition to reach the highest enterprise value?

By stating these four destinations you then can describe the path for getting there. The how you do it becomes as important as the WHY.

Can you state your vision in a logical meaningful way that motivates; employees, clients, suppliers and others to cheer for you winning? The destination and the road to it are keys to making it real.

Try it. It does not have to take a long time or be reams of words. It needs to be very strong directionally and possess a strong sense of speed (timing).

In the day-to-day fog of the business. it is often difficult to raise up and see the future. But seeing it and connecting the dots to get there is a strong part of making the business the best it can be.

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