How BIG is the GAP in Your Business?

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  • Measuring, and fixing, the Gaps

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Actively coaching CI companies since 2005 has taught us a LOT about the organization, economics, and operating challenges faced by business owners. The thing they share in common, 100% of them, is every company has gaps, ie, the way things could be, vs the way things are.

Some owners are keenly aware of these gaps, and are actively pursuing fixes. Others are aware but frustrated by not knowing exactly how to perform a fix. Some are aware and accepting – unwilling to do the work required, they live with the status quo. And a large number think everything is pretty great and have settled, many happily, for the business “as is”.

If you, as an owner, know your gaps and how to fix them, you have our utmost respect. If you’re happy living with the gaps you have, we respect that, too. But if your gaps cause you pain, know this…

There is a fix. You just need some help figuring it out.

Start by Measuring

It has been said you cannot easily improve that which you cannot measure. But the trick with measuring is to measure the right stuff, and to recognize a good measure when you see it. It is here that VITAL is perhaps unrivaled in its ability to assess where a CI company has gaps.

VITAL’s management system has identified the most critical measures and benchmarks for common gaps in CI companies. These are reflected in our one-of-a-kind financial dashboards, which provide on-line feedback across dozens of monthly metrics. A business manager can readily see where her company is doing well, or not-so-well, and how much improvement might be possible.

The good news is, you don’t have to sign up for the dashboards to get a good measure of where you stand today.

The Improvement Opportunity Analysis

In just an hour or so of your time, find out how your company compares across key metrics of the VITAL System:

  • Staffing levels

  • Labor Productivity

  • Gross Margin by Category

  • Pricing Practices

  • Compensation

  • Overhead

  • Profitability

You’ll learn both where and by how much your company could improve. We’ll even throw in a few key strategies for you to get started on fixing the gaps between where you are today, and where you could be.

Analysis Webinar This Friday

See our analysis “in action” this Friday at 11a CT. In less than 30 minutes, we’ll walk thru an Improvement Analysis of a real CI company, and share with you our recommendations for fixing the gaps. Simply sign up for our 1st Friday webinar at

You can also order your own Improvement Analysis on-line, at

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