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A lot of us are too busy to get anything done.

Important work waits while urgent work gets attention. Internal projects languish as we attempt to keep up with myriad daily tasks. Inspiration fades in the face of I don’t have the time – the universal reason most of us fail to even attempt potentially outcome-changing new initiatives.

This is not a new phenomenon, but technology has made it even worse. Once upon a time there was no “absolutely, positively overnight”, let alone portable, ever-present e-mail, texts, and phones that live in your hand.

How many times each day is your work interrupted by the above?

You DON’T have to read emails or respond to texts in real time, you DON’T have to answer the phone when it rings. You CAN wander off-grid for 30 or 60 or 90 minutes and GET SOMETHING IMPORTANT DONE.

Close on the heels of I don’t have the time is I don’t like to do that. Our nature is to work on stuff we enjoy, which is usually stuff we’re good at. Here’s an actual post I ran across years ago…

Sick of thinking about the business side, sick of management, sick of sitting at a desk, sick of the phone...I just wanna get out in the field and do some A/V for a while…

What do you give your chances of success if you, as a business owner, actually feel this way?

Here’s the deal. If you need to get something done, and you’re not very good at it, you must either: 1) get good at it, or; 2) get some help. That’s it. Those are your options.

Option 1 means practice, which means time. And you want to practice using the proper technique, which means even more time as you learn the best way(s) to do whatever needs to be done.

How to Make the Time

You make the time to meet with clients. Make the time to meet with yourself. Exact same technique works for both:

1) Create an appointment and put it on your calendar

2) Don’t allow any other event to de-rail or interrupt the appointment

3) Arrive on time

We recommend a couple-hour block at the same time every week. Make it an inviolable space to address valuable, important “manage the business” issues Like, figuring out how to improve your gross margins, and then reviewing progress every week. This can easily be worth $50,000 in additional gross profit over the coming 12 months. That’s the same as a $100,000 project. Would you keep an appointment with a client for a $100,000 project?

Now, you could choose to get some help. A therapist for your head or body, maybe a business coach for your business?

But it’s not an “instead” option, you’ll still have to make time each week to do things the way they tell you to do things. Just remember

Just remember, it’ll be less time than if you tried it on your own.

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