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Working with a vast number of integrators, we often find a common set of frustrations that burden management. In the next three weeks we’ll explore the common ones, WHY they occur, and WHAT we have found helps remove them. Let’s begin with three: FRUSTRATED BY CHAOS Most of the Integrators we know accept a high degree of chaos. It’s like they’ve become used to it. Interruptions and change of direction seem to be the way. They are usually reacting, not pro-acting, with many activities competing for time and attention. Chaos, a close brother to mayhem, injects itself into daily routine and there seems to be no way out. The site is not ready. The lead installer calls in sick. Our best customer has a service problem that needs to be resolved NOW. FRUSTRATED BY INEFFICIENCIES Look around. How many things are being done more than once? What about the time and people used to “investigate” what has actually happened on a job? The key items forgotten by the install crew stop productivity in its tracks. What ever happened to measure thrice and cut once? There must be a better way! FRUSTRATED BY RESULTS Integrators work hard. Too hard, in many cases – aren’t weekends supposed to be for fun & family? And while you might feel like you’ve accomplished a lot over the years, where are you today? Is your company growing? Do you have twice as much cash as you have customer deposits? Are you consistently earning double-digit profits? In the world we often see, integrators are happy as long as they can make the next payroll or two. That’s nice, but we’ve learned over and over that so much more is possible. Why should you settle for just “OK”? We would love to hear about your frustrations with the business. Take a short survey so we can share summary results next week when we share WHY integrators are frustrated. Click here for survey. Meanwhile, be sure to sign up for our “3rd Thursday” webinar, “Putting Frustration in its Place, for Good”. 30 minutes of really good stuff on Thursday, Jan 16, 11a CDT. Here’s the link to register…

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