Why Software Isn't Your Silver Bullet?

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  • The Importance of Business Process

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We have observed many companies using the same software but getting radically different results. It doesn’t matter if it’s Netsuites, Ipoint, DTools, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Connectwise etc., etc.

I once observed three companies all using the same software in the same building under the same management and the business processes could not have been more different.

Our conclusion: it’s not the software’s fault.

More specifically, it is the underlying business process that will give you or take from you outstanding results.

Example given: 90% or more companies in custom integration use QB. And they use it in hundreds of different ways

For some it’s a simple general ledger program for others it’s a strategic tool giving them insights into running a well-oiled machine

Now does it do everything one might like NO!

But it does give you the ability to know where you are and to take action to improve and optimize results.

So why don’t more companies take the answers to the test and drive incredible outcomes?

Frankly that baffles us too.

Imagine if all 2000 CEDIA CI companies (our guess at the number of companies using QB) adopted a standard way of using QB (they already are using it.)

Here is what would happen:

1) You could stop relying on only your numbers (you could get benchmarked KPIs)

2) In fact, you could rely on them with much more confidence

3) You could reach double the profit and cash flow levels you have now (less than 1 % could not because they are exceptional performers already)

4) With performance in hand you could develop other game changing processes that would benefit from other complimentary software tools.

We have a mission to get half of the current QB CI users to adopt the VITAL way. We have given ourselves 3 years to do so

Mark it down by November 1 2022 the brightest operators in our business would be operating on a standard.

Using just some of it; does not get the results you deserve. Use the full system.

We get most owners are not astute financial geniuses or care that much about the counting. But the reason you play the game is to win. So why not Win bigger?

Benefit from the collective knowledge of dozens of companies that have broken their molds only to find higher levels of performance. They rejected good enough for great.

Take the first step the transformation will do you good.

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