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Of course, most of you know by now that 15 independent CI companies became one on August 23, under the BRAVAS brand flag. There is some significance to this:

1. Namely this is the first private equity investment in the dealer side business,

2. First time companywide business process was implemented before a merger,

3. The new company focuses on providing a unique platform for luxury CI clients,

4. The corporate leadership team already working for 9+ months will bring economies to purchasing, training, shared expense reductions, shared resources and more,

5. Together the companies have already achieved top 10 percentile profitability in our industry,

6. Dozens of additional companies will be invited to join the new Company..

So, what might we expect from the new Company?

Expect them to consolidate three or more dealers in each market they enter.

Expect them to add infrastructure (not possible as single operators).

Expect them to grow organically and by acquisition.

Expect them to offer new unique services unlike most of its competitors.

Expect them to attract, hire and develop the best talent in the business.

Expect them to have a stronghold in the architect, design and luxury builder community.

Expect them to be the best place to work in the CI industry.

Sounds like some lofty goals. They are. And, the first 285 employees are busy working at the next chapter of success. Congratulations BRAVAS companies for reaching the first of many new milestones. You are truly a trailblazer and the industry awaits your success.

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