What’s a Business System Worth?

Our half-hour webinars could help you find out!

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  • Working your company’s “Profit math”

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This Friday (Sept 6) will be the 18th edition of “1st Friday” info webinars we’ve produced since Bi4Ci dashboard services were first offered in 2017. Some of the webinars have been better than others, but all have stayed true to our belief that standardized Business Intelligence & Practices can be incredibly valuable to CI companies.

How valuable? On Friday, August 23, a group of 15 VITAL client companies were purchased & merged to become the largest independent integration company in the US, with annual revenues exceeding $75M. The companies will be known as “BRAVAS, Intelligent Spaces” and the company, BRAVAS, plans to acquire many more locations throughout North America.

The companies were attractive to the BRAVAS investors because the 15 companies shared the same business system process & practices, before they became one company. All previous attempts to consolidate/”roll up” independent CI’s have failed. While the reasons for those failures may vary, the one commonality has been no standardized business system & practices were ever implemented pre-merger. Another large reason, no capital was previously raised to launch the businesses to scale, also related to the first reason.

Please note here that a “business system” is not which control platform your company uses, or whether it pre-builds racks, or what cable colors align with which functions. Business systems refers more to the administrative & financial side of the business: accounting structure, revenue recognition, planning disciplines, pricing model, administrative process.

And here’s the thing…

The business system & practices that helped the BRAVAS company owners realize a $75 million collective payday, are the same business system & practices we lay out during our 30-minute webinars. Can you learn something useful from these webinars?


How about…

How to make your $3 million CI company worth millions! Because up til now, the typical realized value for a $3M CI has been less than $1M – and only IF they could find a buyer.

Well, there’s a buyer out there. Looking for companies that would be a good fit with their standardized system & practices. And here VITAL is, offering no-charge webinars where you can learn those practices.

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