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Business as usual; usually means doing a lot of the same things and inching forward at the speed of chaos. For many of you, doing this for more than a few years, the routine seems predictable and even comfortable.

Under the current circumstances, the next 5 years or more might be slightly different and hopefully even more prosperous.

But what if, a $200M CI Revenue Company existed? And, you could join it. Would that change your world?

I am talking about: a Company with resources to allow local excellence and open the door to capabilities difficult at best to implement alone.

For instance,

1) the ability to continuously recruit, train and develop the best technical personnel (the #1 obstacle/concern to growth).

2) a 24/7 call center that becomes your first responder to every client inquiry or service request. (upgraded client service)

3) a trade partner development system that lures the best architects, designers and builders to your front doorstep. (not often pursued by our fulfillment mentality).

4) and, cost advantages like you have never seen before (caution: the real impact is more about addition than subtraction, but nevertheless a true advantage).

Client facing: you would be strongly positioned as “the boutique/bespoke” design-build source for affluent client home technology. Clients would receive exceptional work, unmatched service, greater access to innovative designs and multi-location support second to none.

Employees would get better benefits, upward mobility and career options. In fact, they could have the best, most coveted place in the industry to work.

Trade partners get deep bench strength in every location, a truly responsive culture, financial assuredness (they can rely on), and a true lifetime partner that elevates their offering to their end clients.

Imagine in your local market being 2, 3 or even 4 times the size you are today: total local market dominance.

The economic engine of this business ( the profit generated by each tech) can eclipse $5K per week and can be achieved in this model. This is the epitome of achieving organizational greatness.

So why doesn’t this exist?

It requires owners to see the vision, to want to monetize their hard work and buy into the collective future of the luxury CI space. It's People, Process along with Passion.

It takes faith and trust in building something truly special in a way that benefits all stakeholders.

The time has come for this to happen. The future of luxury home integration could not be brighter. And, you can be a major part of it.

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