Have We Completely Overwhelmed You?

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This is our 291st coffee; we have covered a waterfall of topics. One has to wonder have we completely befuddled our audience. May be it’s time to summarize the coaches’ advice.

#1 Get help from someone who knows the business

#2 Learn How Much Money You Can Make in the business

#3 Defeat chaos by adopting a BUSINESS SYSTEM

#4 Create a Plan and Execute on it.

#5 Manage by metrics (know them, use them, validate them, improve them)

#6 Become a great Asset manager (perfect your balance sheet)

#7 Get a GROWTH Strategy

#8 Make your business attractive to investors

Each of these does not need to be the eight wonders (of what to do) of your business world. Each does require you to take action to move ahead to a new level. The rewards are amazingly high.

There are a hundreds things you can do in your business, they compete for your time daily. But are you prioritizing the right things? Do the VITAL things first; they will free up time to get to the rest.

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