Are You Leaving Money On the Table?

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- Why You Might Be

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Here is something that we have never talked about: leaving money on the table. Ok we have hammered this topic for 5+ years.

What we do know: Top 500 CI dealers surveyed (all doing over $2M in annual revenue; collectively doing over $1.5B in street level revenue);

are leaving $75M in profit on the table. That is more money than most manufacturers in this space make including new giant Snap AV & C4.

Yes, over 5 points of profit per company! You are probably saying not possible. We know its true and few or a few seem to care.


  • The feedback from your counting system keeps you from seeing it.

  • Many get comfortable with the profit they are making.

  • Most believe it takes a heroic amount of effort to improve.

  • Many believe they are unique and the laws of high profitability don’t apply to them.

  • Many have a bookkeeper admin person holding them down.

  • Many are too busy to do something about it.

Here is the astonishing one: most won’t exchange $24,000 for the $100K to $500K a year they can earn. Yes, most won’t give $1 for $4 to $20 paid every year.

As a kid my Grandpa would have went broke making that offer. A Lincoln or a Hamilton for a buck. We are yet to find a dealer who when they implement 3 or 4 basic tenets can’t achieve this type of return.

If you are serious about turning your company around, we suggest you call, email, text we can coach you to better performance. GUARANTEED.

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