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VITAL has a relatively new Associate Coach, Jeff Homan, who works with some of our Bi4Ci subscribers to help them respond to the feedback their dashboards are providing. This is the whole point of feedback, of course – it should promote corrective action.

Jeff, who was once upon a time a VITAL coaching client, received plenty of feedback form VITAL about how his company was doing and what they should do to improve.

Now, you’ll have to ask Jeff if our advice helped at all, or really helped. But he & his business partner ended up selling the business, which we kind of took as a good sign.

Anyway, one of Jeff’s Bi4Ci +Coaching clients recently posted their 4th consecutive month of double-digit net profits. Here’s what their profit graph looks like since the beginning of 2019 (Y-axis values purposely hidden, except for the 0-value breakeven line)…

Coincidence, you might say? Like, no way Jeff’s coaching could account for the difference between losing money and making a bunch?!?

Maybe. But we told Jeff that one of the most rewarding parts of trying to help companies succeed, is when they actually succeed. And that graph above is definitely success. So, good job, Jeff. And congrats to your client!

It’s Up to You

So, if you sign up for Bi4Ci +Coaching, should you expect similar results? Well, multiple factors impact just how much success you can expect. But the biggest variable isn’t us. It’s…You.

See, not everybody is good at accepting advice. It’s a lot like joining a gym – you’ve paid for a membership, but the only way to actually improve your fitness is to go to the gym and work out.

Absent the doing part, advice and coaching and the gym membership amount to the same thing. Nada. But with the doing part liberally applied – and especially when applied as directed (we have clients who insist on “customizing” our recommendations) – results can be extraordinary.

In fact, we’ve seen results on a par with those shown above many times before. And we’d be honored to help you do the same.

It’s up to you.

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