Would You Re-Invest In Your Own Business?

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As small business owners, you do this without thinking about it. You re-invest in the business you run; leaving cash in to buy vehicles, purchase facilities’, hire new employees and other such investments. The risk is totally on you, and, that’s fine.

Keeping cash in the business can be invested in:

Better Process

Better People (skills & bandwidth)

More Trade Partners


Better Cost Structure

all with the purpose of generating more business and more profit.

But what if an investment platform existed that allowed you to take years of profit off the table and own a piece of a bigger organization? And, the bigger organization might provide some new capabilities: such as more sales capacity, more training and employee development, better costs (products and business services) and even trade partner development. Oh! those things were mentioned before. But, with 15 to 20 times the resources they just might happen faster. What if, this reinvestment option had the potential to pay even more than you were initially paid above? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it’s not. Medium to large size CI companies, $2M to $25M, have the opportunity to become part of something special.

One very key element: the business remains 97% centered at the local level where relationships and clients require your special attention and service. By becoming a smaller owner in a much larger enterprise, you gain access to resources and financial rewards not possible in your existing state of operations. We think it is worth talking about. For a free analysis and assessment of how this might work for your company, reach out to us.

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