Do You Have A Scoreboard?

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- Getting To A Weekly Scoreboard

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Most of us grew up in an era when we kept score even on the playground. Seemed to make things more important. So why not now?

In the book TRACTION, Gino Wickman draws a clear picture of weekly scoreboards that keep the TEAM accountable on a regular basis. But how do you develop effective scoreboards that gather data easily and track it weekly?

We thought it would be fun to offer such a scoreboard. Of course, it must be assigned to specific people. And, it must be measurable and achievable. For this purpose, we took a annual goal and divided it by 52 to get the weekly target which would be additive each week.

Note each functional area has an element or two to march to. The importance is that the goal progress is reported weekly giving an on-target or behind target indicator. Track them over a 90 day period. The updated data must be supplied before the weekly meeting. Enforce this discipline. Use a collaborative document like Google docs so everyone can update independently. The example provided: catches Sales (proposals, strength of margins (MIX), and closings); Admin focuses on Cash; Ops is driven to billing efficiency and Service (Billings) and Warehouse/Purchasing (Inventory Reduction) have goals too. It is no surprise organizations achieve what they focus on. This is just one way to bring the important metrics to the forefront. Next week, we will visit Quarterly Goals and how they can help you rise above the noise in your organization. Meanwhile,

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