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“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”

- author/entrepreneur Ken Blanchard

It is April 1. Today’s big question is, “How did we do in March?”

A month-end review helps management see where they did well and not-so-well in the previous month. If the data is set up to help spot trends, so much the better – things that need to be fixed can be readily identified. Getting the review conducted sooner (this week) than later (next month?) means fix strategies can be implemented before further damage is done.

These are precisely the characteristics we’ve long recommended to help companies get better, faster: an admin process that enables prompt feedback of key data, and monthly review of that data to determine go-forward improvement strategies.

The final step, of course, is taking action to implement those strategies.

Bi4Ci Dashboards

Two years ago we introduced the industry’s most comprehensive feedback system, the Bi4Ci dashboards. Pulling financial data directly from your QuickBooks file, the dashboards provide insightful, easy-to-read measures for helping companies improve the key outcomes of their business. Dozens of companies are on the system and the results are impressive: two-thirds of the companies using the system in 2018 posted net operating profits of 9.9% or more. And over half of those companies exceeded 15% net operating profit (not a typo!).

Now, it would be misleading to suggest that the dashboards, alone, are the key to success. The Admin, Strategy, and Action pieces must be in place, too. Full disclosure: most of the top Bi4Ci companies engage VITAL for coaching ($2000/month). That’s the piece that’s missing from the basic Bi4Ci program.

Introducing Bi4Ci+

The Bi4Ci monthly dashboard subscription ($300) is now available with supplemental programs that we call +Controller, and +Coaching. These programs are designed to help you shore up your monthly admin processes and closings (+Controller), and/or your monthly strategic review & action decisions (+Coaching). Each program is $400/month, in addition to the dashboard subscription. Choose one, or both.

Bi4Ci+ lets CI business owners and admins work directly with a Bi4Ci-trained QB Pro Advisor (Jennifer Marcus), and/or a Bi4Ci-trained CI management coach (Jeff Homan). Work with them as long as you need to develop your skill set and someday fly solo on the Bi4Ci system.

Introductory Webinar Friday at 11a CDT

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