Where Is The Coffee?

* In this issue: What Is Really Important?

* Reading time about 1 minute, 189 words.

Believe it or not, we have been sharing business insights and tidbits for over 270 weeks! If you read everyone of them, you spent 810 minutes getting some of the most telling secrets of the Ci business.

Here are the payoffs:

  1. You can exceed 20% net operating profits in the business,

  2. Most of the unrealized profit comes from pricing your labor and consumable parts properly,

  3. There is real opportunity to monetize your company, if you join with others,

  4. Counting right is key to getting the intelligence you need to run the business better,

  5. You have the best business model, are you maximizing its value?

  6. Are you letting your admin/bookkeeper block your true success?

  7. What is keeping you from double revenue and quadrupling profits?

What is keeping you from getting to the next level? How much of the constraints on the business are on you?

Its ok the hardest thing in life is self-evaluation. Once you make a decision to seek real change, you can.

Strong coffee? May be its the kick start you need to make the changes that your business need.

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