Who Is Training Your Employees?

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A generational speaker at ProSource last week suggested millennials are not tech savvy but rather tech dependent. They Google their everything. Meanwhile, every employee in your business is getting trained in some fashion ... Google or otherwise.

It could be by the company’s culture on how they see you respond and represent. May be it's by an assortment of manufacturer's training on how to install or sell their products. But the truth is most sub 50 person companies don’t have the time and talent to invest in employee development and training in a big way.

Your lead tech becomes your trainer. Your lead salesman trains your next salesperson? New employees are encouraged to watch and learn. These are all typical behaviors. But who gets across values; teaches leadership; and explains what it takes to get an “A” in their respective position? Do you encourage mentoring ? Is there a focus on personal growth?

We have been working with a Group that will have 270 employees day one. They certainly will have the resources to train like few companies ever have in our space. What does great training mean?

  • Better work performed

  • Higher productivity output

  • Happy employees

  • A more attractive place to work

  • Better service for the client, and,

  • Great motivated employees

Skills and behavior training are critical to developing a culture of excellence. As our industry matures and forms larger organizations, we are hopeful that investing in our people rises to the top of priorities.

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