What Is In A Platform?

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The Business/Value platform is one dimension of the platforms required to build an amazingly effective business. Others might include Leadership, Talent, Delivery and Technology according to the Gartner Group’s 2015 CIO survey & report. Taking advantage of the core business model and creating long term value are two drivers of what we set out to do some 4+ years ago.

You have heard us talk about building a system, a platform of sorts, to improve your business. We call this performance platform: the VITAL System. It focuses on the essentials to make more profit, accumulate more cash and grow revenue. It’s based on key performance indicators that allow management to drive priorities and action in the business.

The success cases are too numerous to list. The impact is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for each company compounding each year.

The standardization behind the platform allows companies to move to the second stage platform, we call the investment platform.

This involves a strategic, financial investor whose aim is to grow this system into a national concern with tens if not hundreds of locations serving the luxury custom integration marketplace. The scale, efficiencies and strength that a 1,000 people plus business brings to the table is formidable.

Owner/operators get to monetize their value, mitigating their risk. They gain the ability to scale beyond their local markets and capabilities. They receive benefits and services that as single operators few, if any, have mastered. Business development, greater client recognition, training and employee development are a few of the big advantages.

Who are the benefactors?

The employees win because more opportunities and development is provided to them. The clients win because excellence now has bench strength to deliver around the country; borrowing on best practices and innovative designs. The suppliers win because this is a solid financially strong engine to more their products and services. The marketplace in general wins because the bandwidth to grow and serve more of the market is enriched, preserved and sustainable.

If you are not considering these platforms, you might be limiting yourself and your organization to a less than glorious future.

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