What Is In It for Your Employees?

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For months, we have espoused about owner/operator topics and how businesses can make improvements and build on performance, but what about the employees?

What’s Is In It for Them?

We might first consider what is important to them. Several things come to mind:

  1. A positive healthy work environment where everyone is respected

  2. A secure, financial business where threats of losing their job or radical changes are lessened

  3. A social, team environment where people win together

  4. A fun place to work,

  5. A place where they can take pride in their work; contribute,

  6. A place they can develop and grow their skills,

  7. A place that pays them fairly for the work and sacrifices they make,

  8. A place that respects a life balance and priorities outside of work,

  9. A place where I can feel like an owner even if I am not,

  10. To be on a winning team!

So which of these occupy your focus? Interesting that more than 6 of these revolve around communications and interaction. Are you really, really good at that part of the business?

92% of employees are said to believe professional development is important to them. As small businesses can we really deliver on this promise? So, why wouldn’t training, professional development programs be more prevalent in our industry? Do we need to get to scale to deliver this for our employees? These investments in people seem critically important to our success.

Achieving TEAM goals requires everyone pulling in the same direction. Alignment of core beliefs (Values), agreed upon goals/objectives and the shared vision of the future, all create the environment.

Why not use this list of ten to check yourself on how you are doing with your employees? Be intentional in what needs some work; it will only make your employees and the team better.

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