Our Gift To You ... A Special 12 Days of Christmas? Enjoy!

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Greatest Learnings from 2018

  • Greatest Learnings from 2018

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The result of Group Intelligence is more magical than we ever thought. And at this time of year, we want to share the learning’s of 2018 in our 12 days of Christmas.

Beginning on December 25h through January 5th here’s our gift to you.

On the first day ...

Dec 25th Bid Metrics Matter

Maintaining a labor mix of total revenue of 33% to 40% and consumable parts of 5% to 9% virtually guarantees profitability.

Dec 26th Bill For Everything

You pay for 8 hours for each tech bill clients for every minute. This includes travel, prep, staging, and more.

Dec 27h 20% to 30% Should Be The Norm

If your clients are luxury clients you are under-performing if you make less than 20%.

Dec 28th MGMT Salaries at Replacement Cost

To compare to other companies only show replacement salary for your GM and his sales role above the line. All other bonuses and comp payments to owners go below the line.

Dec 29th Process Can Set You Free

The more processes you can map in your business the more efficient your will become.

Revisit them often; process is about improvement.

Dec 30th Trade Partners Hold the Keys

Chase the chickens not the eggs; trade partners have the clients first gather and nurture great trade partner relationships.

Dec 31th Beware of False Cash

Your check book is lying to you; make sure you cover all deposits with cash and assigned inventory the rest is the real cash.

Jan 1st More Profit in Larger Projects

Proven time and time again larger projects have the most profit potential. You still have to manage them.

Jan 2nd Org Strategy is Key To Growth

Have a plan to add people strategically not by knee jerk reaction. Building the team will mean constant change.

Jan 3rd Squelch Chaos

Communications is at the heart of reducing chaos: take meetings, and information sharing seriously.

Jan 4th Next Man Up

Your future depends on the strength of the next man/woman up. Develop your people; reduce the dependency on you.

Jan 5th Reward Performance

Reward those that make it happen and enjoy the Season. God Bless.

2019 is a New Year, we challenge you to be the Best you can be; and, a word to the wise don’t go it alone.

All our Wishes for Prosperity and Peace,

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