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2019 Learning & Development Trends—10 Expert Predictions

NOVEMBER 27, 2018 DAVID WITT Ken Blanchard Program Director

2019 is right around the corner. What are the top issues leadership, learning, and talent development professionals will be facing in

the coming year?

10 industry experts have identified some of the key trends that will be influencing strategies—read on to see how they might impact your organization’s planned initiatives.

1. The coexistence of workers and automation

and robotics is guaranteed to be in our

futures. Voice systems are already in

place for consumer marketing and

advanced customer service answering

systems are developing at break neck


2. Using mindfulness to relieve stressed

Stress is prevalent in the

workplace, using meditation and mind

relaxing stimulation can relieved the

stress level.

3. Making better use of existing

Developing skills and

productivity of existing employees can

lessen the dependency on hiring while

given employees a long term path to


4. Providing skill gap training as a part


opportunities to interns,

apprenticeships and pre-employment

raining can set your company up as a

model place to work.

5. Company culture steps into the

Get your

company’s values and ethos into the

general public’s eye. If you are built on

teamwork and collaboration showcase

it and it will attract those who strive in

that environment.

6. Developing RQ (Robotics Quotient)

To work side by side with AI and robotics

you will need to up your game.

7. More aggressive recruiting using

Its becoming less

about you selecting talent than talent

selecting you. Make your case for a

special and rewarding environment.

8. Equal pay and unconscious bias

Be proactive identifying and assuring

equal pay in all positions in the


9. Predictive analytics and virtual

Training virtually on tough

situations or key scenarios can be

achieved with VR.

10. Refinements to digital and mobile

While YouTube and other

mediums have made videos and

gaming great platforms remember the

training goal is different and not intended

to be the addictive use model.


As small companies we suffer for precious little resources being given to recruiting, training, developing our most valuable asset:

PEOPLE. Companies that can scale and achieve this will win every time.

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