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You may not need help but in case you are wondering what we do; here are 7 takeaways and the antidotes we typically provide:

1- Most Ci companies do not count properly and hence can not be compared very easily (we standardize the counting),

2-Most companies make less than 10% when adjusted for replacement salary and lifestyle expenses, (we get them 5 to 15 points of additional profit),

3- Many do not have cash and assigned inventory to cover their client’s deposits, (we help them get to 1.5 to2.0 times coverage of their deposits),

4- Inventory is much higher than Just In Time levels would suggest, (we get it below 60 days typically),

5- The client terms are less than optimized, (keep AR to far less than deposits with new terms),

6- Billed hours per 40 hour tech is under 20 hours typically,

(getting the next 5 hours per week per tech is a huge game changer), and,

7- Rarely is overhead expenses the cause for poor performance (Keeping major operating expenses to 10% can be huge).

And here is Why we do it

We know you can create value much higher than your current state and we want to show you how.

We believe and know this business can be much, much better We believe and know there is hundreds of millions of dollars of value to be created And we want to help you get there and participate with you.

Together we can make more than you ever imagined and together we can do things for our society that won’t get done without successful people like you.

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