Are You Coachable?

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Why You Do or Don't Get Coaching

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In the years of coaching companies of all sizes in Ci, you might think we have heard it all. And we have. Owners tell us much about their businesses and they share why they seek coaching.

But before we share that, let’s look at why owners don’t seek coaching. It generally is two reasons: 1) they are too busy to spend the time to work on the business or, 2) they are too smart to consider taking someone else’s advice.

But what about the ones who do?

Here are the Top 5 answers we hear to why Owners seek a coach:

  1. They need an impartial party to find the major problems

  2. They want to validate their results against other similar businesses.

  3. They are not making enough money for the effort they put in.

  4. They never seem to have enough cash in the business.

  5. They need someone to keep them accountable.

All are good reasons for pursuing someone to help take your business to the next level. In many ways it is the easiest investment to justify, but for many it is the hardest decision to make. That is, to get help.

The operating system we deploy is helping companies get 5 to 10 points of profit and growing their top line revenue at double-digit clip.

Are you coachable? For the price of minimum wage employee you can find out.

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