Are You Willing? Or ... Does Fear of Change Hold You Back?

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Over the past 5 years we’re presented our management system & coaching program to hundreds of integration companies. During these presentations we outline the specifics of how working with VITAL can help CI’s earn, literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars in missing profit (sometimes, in just one year).

We even cite case studies showing actual outcomes of companies who have invested in making the changes required to earn additional profit.

The graph shows a company growing 12-month sales from $2.2M thru Jan 2017, to almost $2.9M thru June 2018. More significantly, in just 18 months, 12-month profitability has risen from a slight loss thru Jan 2017, to a 12-month profit of almost $500,000 thru June 2018. This is REAL. And t’s not even unusual. For companies willing to make the required changes, these are the kinds of results we’ve come to expect.

But most companies aren’t willing. Change is work. Change is scary. And while a good outcome is likely for ANY company willing to put in the work, it cannot be guaranteed.

For a Potential $500K repeatable return, Would You Be Willing… …To adopt a standardized account list that aligns financial reporting with the industry’s most powerful set of performance metrics? …To re-work your item database so it aligns with the new accounts? …To adjust your project administration process so that revenue & costs are recognized as goods and services are provided to a project? …To collaborate with other CI business owners & executives to fine-tune best practices across your organization?

If you think you might, we can recommend a number of opportunities for you to learn more.

3rd Thursday “Town Hall” meeting This Thursday at 11a CDT, we’ll be conducting one of our monthly 30-minutes talks. This week’s topic: A Standardized Way to “Count the Money” Click here to register (no charge)

Business Intelligence: What It Can Do For You Attend our class at CEDIA on Thursday, Sept 6, 10a PDT. We’ll describe the steps & advantages to becoming a data-driven company.

One-on-One Meeting with Paul & Steve We’ll be meeting one-on-one to discuss how you might become one of our group members on their way to exceptional profits and , perhaps, a chance to monetize the value of your company. Email or call Steve or Paul (info below). And it is not only better profit, most clients report: reduced chaos, enhanced ability to grow, clearer direction with their team, less stress on cash flow, financial uncertainty and an over less disruption to their business. Get past the fear … the change will do you good. Little Feat asked for “weed, whites, & wine” to become Willin’. We can’t offer any of that, but how about “Intelligence, Collaboration, & Profit”? We look forward to sharing with you.

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