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I can’t tell you how many times we hear from CI dealers – “I just have other priorities”, or, “I can’t seem to fit the work required to create profit and value into my priorities”.

Makes us think there must be some very awesome game-changing stuff out there that we aren’t aware of!

Of course, surviving should take precedence over improving. But many times they are the same. The things that create the very issues that we chase are the things that need to be fixed first.

If your business reporting does not present clear information for making good decisions, or you don’t trust the information, or it’s not timely enough to help: these are all symptoms of a deeper problem.

Having well-aligned revenue, cost and project info will set you free. Having metrics that show you which things to prioritize will allow you to serially fix the issues that seem like chaos today.

Oh, about the work. The most often shared excuses are:

  1. I don’t have the people (person) to dedicate to it

  2. It involves change and my people don’t change easily

  3. Some software initiative is taking priority

  4. We don’t have time to do it


These seem pretty lame when companies that make the changes are making 10 points or more of profit. And, if you are already at 20%+ net operating profit, why aren’t you discovering how to monetize your business for 2 to 3 times revenue plus? Not a myth.

Not to mention process, discipline, and regimen will send you free.

There is nothing more important for a business leader than setting the right priorities. We can provide a system for helping you do this perpetually.

Learn more at bi4ci and VITAL MGMT… There is better performance in your future.

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