What Keeps Organizations From Being Truly Great!

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* Accountability & Clarity are keys

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Organizations by their nature are complex and fluid. Many small company organizations are dominated by tribal knowledge; the dependency on the personal know how of a few individuals.

So what are a few of the major challenges and obstacles that need to be overcome?

In my experience two principles remain dominant: Accountability and Clarity. These kindred spirits keep organizations from functional fully and efficiently.

Examples: the client experience begins to suffer. Jobs carry out longer than they should. Nothing seems to finish. Departments are at each other’s throats and the blame game escalates.

If only our guys would sell the right stuff; if only the techs would finish the jobs; if only employees cared more about the client and the company, etc. etc.

Let’s begin with Clarity. Is the work required clear and documented to allow even the novice installer to doing amazing work? Often tribal knowledge keeps everyone from performing at top level. Look at and develop better methods for describing and detailing the work.

Now let’s examine Accountability. Does each employees accept that he/she is accountable for their work and more importantly the total outcome of the project? Is there a formal walk-thru performed by a knowledge person to create the final punch list? Does each member own the list or his or her respective part of it?

Is it clear what needs to be done? Is there finality to the job?

Does the team de-brief after each major job to collectively contribute on what can be done better next time? Or, are you destined to repeat the same mistakes?

When the client is disappointed who feels the pain?

Here are a few suggestions on keeping clarity and accountability at the forefront:


Have detailed work plans for each job

Raise questions at the project review stage prior to find and seek on the job site.

Communicate changes clearly.

Escalate out of spec or issues regularly.


Who is responsible for the project work list completion?

Who inspects the job at closing to determine the punch list?

Who owns the punch list?

Who runs the project de-briefing?

How is in time and under budget treated in your culture?

What can be done to better plan, install and complete the project?

How do we share this with all teams?

In the end there is no other objective than exceeding the client’s expectations. When we fail everyone fails. When we succeed everyone wins.

If you improve the clarity and accountability in the organization you can move past the many companies who never achieve greatness.

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