Is There A Silver Bullet For Integrators?

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* A better “way” for managing a CI business

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Software demos can be dazzling. Many is the integrator who has been demo’d into believing that a piece of software is THE ANSWER for the problems confronting their company.

Many – MANY – is the integrator who has expended time and money on new software, only to abandon the effort somewhere down the road. Not because there’s anything wrong with the software, but because implementation proved too challenging. And/or…

The software couldn’t really fix the problem.

Software isn’t a solution, it’s a tool. A tool that gets applied to a process, and hopefully makes that process more efficient and effective. Investing in software without a defined process for applying the software almost assures a poor outcome.

Yes, there is no “Silver Bullet” The perfect CI software would be adept at the three languages of custom integration…

  1. Customer Speak – how well the software allows customers to readily grasp and appreciate the value of a proposed solution

  2. Technical Speak – how well the software enables and tracks the technical progress of a project

  3. Admin Speak – how well the software accounts for the procurement, delivery, and financial progress of a project

We have not yet been introduced to the software platform that performs well in all these areas. We see 1 & 2 in numerous platforms. QuickBooks is the most widely-used platform for #3. And none of the above is also adept at CRM, a sophisticated tool for tracking and managing sales opportunities.

As a result, most integration companies are using multiple software platforms to help sell, propose, manage, and administer projects.

Start With a “Way” D-Tools, iPoint, QuickBooks… all these products are designed to accommodate the multiple ways their users might deploy them. As a result, there are few “best practices” – you are left to determine the best way for you to use the software.

That’s why VITAL is so supportive of a “way” for all integrators to do things. Having a “way” means knowing the outcomes you desire – and allows you to define best practices for getting there.

Years ago, we determined to become adept at knowing the best ways to use QB to manage an integration business. After 13 years we are still learning new tricks, but the “way” is so defined that it supports an entire management system for achieving exceptional financial outcomes.

Both D-Tools and iPoint have worked closely with us to help define best practices for integrating their software with the VITAL Way.

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