What Is The Hardest Part of Winning?


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What a Super Bowl game and regardless of your team preference you have to acknowledge the fight and commitment to excellence both teams displayed. If you have been involved with youth, you know the hardest part of coaching them is to impart the notion that greatness just doesn’t happen; it takes a great deal of hard work. Working on your game is regimented, it’s repetitive and often it’s painful. We find in working with business owners, it’s the same. We have all been told to work on the business not all the time in the business. Yet, it is hard to do. Working on the business requires outside help. It requires someone else’s view that is not as distracted with the day-to-day. But it also requires discipline, sticking to fundamentals and making time to take actions. Surprisingly enough to us, habit trumps true commitment to improving. Routine takes over the opportunity to assess and capitalize on game-changing decisions. So uprooting your counting system (and your bookkeeper), using metrics to drive organizational goals, regularly reviewing your progress and taking actions that drive your organization purposefully instead of reactively; all seem overwhelming for some. Here is what we know. Those who take the steps too listen and do; make tremendous strides in changing the performance and bandwidth of their companies. You may be winning today and this current market most companies are. But what if, you could fundamentally change the results whether it be improved profits, more timely cash, less chaos, more dedicated employees marching to a common goals, or a more balanced set of responsibilities for yourself.

We have seen all of the above happen. It begins by taking a first step to work on the business. Champions are different; that is why there are precious few.

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