Is It Time To Take Your Pulse??

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  • Are You Business Fit?

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Remember when taking your pulse was a simple way to tell if your workout was achieving some results? Oh today, we have fit bits and other monitoring devices to help keep us engaged on health and focused on keeping in shape.

You know there is a strong parallel in business. By monitoring your vital signs you can have continuous feedback on the health and well being of your company.

Bi4ci is a fit bit of sorts for your company. It records continuously your performance in 6 key areas. It shows you more detail on what is going on underneath the macro indicators. It shares benchmarks of performance and even validates your performance against other participating bi4ci companies.

It only requires that you use a standard method for counting, use QuickBooks desktop Premier or Enterprise, and sync your numbers regularly to the cloud.

What about results?

We have seen many success stories going from so-so or oh-no levels to amazing results.

Last year we had one client go from a 5-digit loss in 2016 to over $300K in profit this year! That’s over 100 times what the dashboard service costs. Sound like an episode of the BIGGEST WINNER? It can be for you too.

Who doesn’t want more revenue, more profit, more cash and greater productivity?

But first you have to take your pulse.

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