Should We Be Thankful For Caffeine?

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In a season of Thanksgiving, there are many things to be thankful for; far too many to list. But in our businesses, is there that one thing that wakes us up; keeps us going and continually engages us? Sounds a bit like caffeine; the stimulant? Some really need it to function at a higher level; others, not so much. We are approaching our 200th coffee sharing insights into the CI business. It occurred to us that waking up to change the business is a tough. We often see good is good enough for most companies. Where we are at; is better than where we could be or have been. So why change, why invest, why re-direct when things are what they are? We have found that when companies see what others are achieving; and when they count in a standard way; and when they are able to see key metrics that improve performance; companies wake up and perform better. It’s as simple as COUNT, MEASURE, ACT and IMPROVE; revalidate, learn and level up. Hard medicine for companies who feel they are there? In three years, 26 companies have come to know that more is possible. Together they do about $95M in Revenue, each at a different stage of development. But overall they have gained $6M a year in increased profitability. And most are back growing their business to hit new heights. Lots of caffeine? No. Just paying attention and taking actions that sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day. Our philosophy: getting companies doing more things the same and they all will benefit; has and is showing awesome results. There is no silver bullet software program, there is not a magic pill; it is simply disciplined work to achieve more in the business by adopting a baseline business process that creates a fundamental management system. We are thankful companies are embracing the system. We are thankful for the owners, the employees, the clients and suppliers that benefit from well-run companies conquering the chaos. And to you, those who consistently read and follow our preaching, we thank you for taking the time to listen and think. We are blessed to be able to contribute, to study, to share and to give back to an industry we care deeply about. We are thankful for you! On this week and day of thanksgiving be safe, enjoy family and friends and be thankful we all get to continue to do things we truly love. And a reminder that starting down the path of this journey can be caffeine-free, if you chose to put the coffees to action.

Send us a Thanksgiving greeting and any feedback on this or any coffee you enjoyed.

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