Are You Kidding? I Can Use QuickBooks To Manage My Projects?

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QuickBooks might not be the shiniest project management tool out there, but it has a unique feature no other project management tool can boast… It is connected to your checkbook. No proposal software or CRM tool(s) you might be using knows how much or when you actually pay for stuff or people. No proposal software or CRM tool(s) posts revenues and costs and cash and AR and deposits to your company’s general ledger. Your GL/bookkeeping software – most integration companies use QuickBooks – is the most important piece of software your company employs. You cannot run and manage a successful integration company with just DTools or iPoint or Zoho. And while they might enhance the information you use to manage projects, the fact is successful integration companies can, and do, rely on QB for a wealth of project status information.

Key Project Information Regardless of the software used, there are a few “facts” about projects that managers should be able to easily access at any time…

  • What is the original scope and cost of the agreed-upon project?

  • What are the changes that have been made to-date?

  • Which items and how many hours have been delivered to the project up til now, and – very importantly – what goods haven’t yet been delivered and how much labor remains to complete the project?

  • Who owes who, how much? Keeping track of the clients deposit balance helps you time progress payment requests correctly

  • Which items have been ordered? Which items have been received? You can get all the above, readily, from QB – no external spreadsheets required. Few other software programs, including most proposal software, can make the same claim.

Key Reports in QB Reporting of all the above is available in QB. We offer a pdf, 5 Essential Reports, that you can download at

And during this month’s 3rd Thursday webinar (11a CDT this Thursday, 10/19), we’ll be reviewing how these reports fit into a project management process. TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR, CLICK HERE.

Getting Started

To make QB work for you – and this is true almost regardless of which other software you are using – accepted projects must be entered as an Estimate in QB (we call these JOB estimates). With a JOB estimate in place, you can then begin progressing items and labor hours as they are delivered to the project. It is a logical, repeatable, efficient process.

Not saying you shouldn’t invest in other software. But you should definitely get your QB act tuned up. You’ll be surprised just how powerful this critical piece of software can be.

Keep It Vital,

Paul & Steve

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