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* How to Certify Your Business Performance

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There are numerous ways to get your technicians trained and certified – from the basics offered by CEDIA to the deeper learning from Maverick Technical Institute, with countless vendor training programs in between. We’re not sure that certification carries much weight with consumers, but the bigger point is the training can lead to better and more reliable installed solutions. We’re all for it.

But what about your company’s training and certification as a business? Having presented business training courses at CEDIA for over 10 years, we’ve been regularly reminded of the mindset of most integrators: the technical training classrooms are packed, the business training classrooms are not. This is unfortunate. Absent an owner with a strong interest and/or background in business management, most integration companies remain hobbyist ventures that never realize their potential economic value.

VITAL’s mission, as you likely understand, is to bring business management training and coaching to CI owners motivated to achieve better business economics. Better economics is not at all a self-serving quest for the owner. Profitable, growing companies are more fun to work for, and provide a better future for their employees, than companies that are only marginally profitable.

The good news is that it’s easy to embark on a path to improving your business management skills. Start at

Free Resources for DIY Training On the Bi4Ci home page are registration links for our monthly “1st Friday” and “3rd Thursday” webinars. These half-hour interactive presentations explore the “how to” of key management topics. Some past discussions include employee compensation, labor productivity, and the best way to handle client deposits. The webinars are recorded and can be downloaded for playback at Other resources in our library are also available to non-members.

On-Line Dashboard & “Training with Help” Service While there is no certification for companies who administer their books correctly and regularly review their financial reports, the rewards for doing so are better decision-making and increased profitability. These improvements not only impact employee happiness (as mentioned above), they also aid customer service. When you know more about your business, everything about your business gets better.

The Bi4Ci service starts with our QB Pro Advisor helping you get your QuickBooks company file set up correctly. This in itself can make a HUGE difference in how well you are able to “see” your company’s performance. But with your file connected to the Bi4Ci cloud server, you’ll now get to see your monthly financials in a way that instantly tells you where you’ve done well, and not-so-well, and even how your performance compares to benchmarks and other CI companies. You can sign up for the dashboard service at

A Certified Bottom Line Is a 5.7% net operating profit a good bottom line? Among Bi4Ci users, it ranks in the bottom quartile of YTD profit performance, as in, 75% of Bi4Ci users are doing better than that.

We’d love to see you certify yourself with 15% or higher net profit. But only you can take the first step to making that happen.

You might start with this 30-second video:

Keep It Vital,

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