What Is Killing Your Sales Productivity?

Before we get into it: can we agree that the major objective is for your prospective client to adopt you as their trusted advisors?

Why? Because this greatly affects how to approach each client introduction and how to make your salespeople more productive. You sell solutions not boxes or time. As their trusted advisor, your salesperson’s job is to fit great solutions to their desires; Yes, their dreams, aspirations and imaginations.

Does anyone really need this stuff?

So where do we go wrong? What zaps the productivity of our salespeople at every level? Here are a few ideas for starters:

  1. Too much time preparing proposals

  2. Preparing too many revisions

  3. Working on other things; other than selling

  4. Failing to qualify the prospect on the first call

  5. Consumed with small projects that do not provide a return on time or profit.

  6. Reinventing the wheel

  7. Pay Plans that don’t keep salespeople selling.

Our research found that the best and most productive sales people in CI do one thing primarily: SELL. Proposal writing, design iterations, project mgmt., parts running, one-day projects, schedule coordination, and even some level of change orders can subtract from top performers' ability to be rainmakers for you.

If a $2M producer’s time is worth almost $1,000 an hour in sales, find out how to get more quality at-bats and less down time (face-time for selling). Ask yourself: if every thing you ask him/her to do is worth $1,000 an hour of sales not made?

The problem: Is one part owner and one part salesperson responsibility.

As owner remove the barriers:

  1. Get them help turning quick proposals out.

  2. Place value on a detailed proposal and design. Charge for beyond basic.

  3. Take non-selling tasks off the salesperson. Salespeople typically cost you 2x to 3 x more than the people that can support the salesperson.

  4. Assign all 1-day projects to a service manager or quick turn project specialist.

  5. Have a pay plan that rewards success over and over.

Now this is not about creating prima-donna’s. It’s about creating a functioning team that generates the most business for the company.

Next Week: we will get to what the true Rainmaker should be doing to drive sales each and every time.

Part 2: We Will Examine Who Is Controlling The Conversation? How To Win More Often and Avoid Selling Slumps.

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