Can I Sell My Company For Millions?

When we began assembling Bravas Group, our goal for selling a group of integration companies was met with considerable skepticism. Given that all previous attempts to roll up/merge/sell integration companies had failed, the skepticism was easy to understand.

We’ve since invested over three years helping our group of companies get to a place that might prove the skeptics wrong. And last week we got to present our story to investment bankers in Chicago and they… loved it.

Sure, there’s a long way to go to getting the deal done. But the performance model is now proven. The investment capital is available and the pitfalls of prior attempts have been conquered.

Instead of being skeptical, our owners get to contemplate a deal that could get them each $2M to $3M cash on the front end, with another $2M to $6M farther down the road. Their employees get to work in an environment with greater capabilities, resources and opportunities. And the owners get to continue working in their companies as long as they desire.

Yours Could Be One of Those Companies

If you’re willing to adopt a standardized CI business system proven to yield efficiencies and profits, yours could be one of the companies. You could join a national network of dealers that, in aggregate, will be producing $100M, $200M, and potentially $400M in annual sales.

We’ve got 24 companies in the group today. The 1st group of 12 is going forward before year-end. A new group of 12 companies (third group) is being formed to reach the performance and business conformity required to graduate to sell. We have plans to sell each group at 9 to 12 months of each other. If successful, each of the owners will get to take money off the table while owning a proportional share of the new national enterprise, before it goes public.

It’s time you check into what your future might hold. Owning a small portion of a multi-hundred million dollar company could be very rewarding to you.

You can begin with a simple conversation on how it might apply to your business. Call us, or shoot us an email.

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