Are You Going To Do Bookkeeping This Year? ...  Why Not Do It Right?

The number 1 issue we find with CI companies is that they suffer from mis-alignment of their core business data. Yes, their accounting data. Just because you are on QuickBooks doesn’t mean that it is implemented properly.

Whereas, over 97% of CI businesses use QuickBooks, most all suffer from implementation of the software that doesn’t serve business decision-making very well.

More simply said: Your QB implementation does not help you run the business. It’s sad, because it can.

  • If you are on a cash basis, you don’t have it right.

  • If you are on a project completion basis, you don’t have it right.

  • If you don’t have inventory as an asset on your balance sheet, you don’t have it right.

  • If you don’t have client deposits on your balance sheet as a liability, you don’t have it right.

  • Getting it right is not rocket science.

Every CI Company using QB should spend the money and time to get it RIGHT.

WHY because it will make you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.

No joke.

If you align revenue with related costs and track project more effectively using the QB tool, you will instantly make more money. Make better decisions. And, understand where you are at all times.

There is an axiom in software circles that says software is a tool, like any other tool not using it properly will result in less than optimal outcomes.

We marvel why companies won’t invest $1,000 to get set-up to COUNT RIGHT. Our standardized chart of accounts and classification of items (that you sell) gets you on your way to managing better.

In addition, by virtue of following the standard, you can join the on-line dashboard service and get monthly info-graphics on key metrics in the business and guidance on the expected performance range of each metric. Yes, this is constant feedback on how the company is doing.

There are a dozen things you will choose to do in your business in the coming year, none will make the impact of getting your numbers right and your QB standardized.

What Is Your QB Implementation Costing You? Trust us it is a lot.

To get started fixing your QuickBooks problem, order the set-up service on-line: click here

If you missed the Labor Productivity webinar last Friday click here for the recorded session.

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