What About Being Productive ... On the 4th or any time?

Hopefully this coffee finds you relaxing and enjoying the Holiday. As Americans, we have always placed a high value on productivity and leading the world in producing the greatest economy on earth.

Our last coffee highlighted labor productivity and its impact on your business:

  1. Its the biggest challenge and opportunity in our business

  2. Being accountable for every tech payroll hour as billable is a key

  3. Understanding and making adjustments based on actual versus estimated is key to effective future bidding

  4. Paying attention to metrics can be very helpful

If you missed it find it and other coffees at www.bi4ci.com/blog

If you desire to learn more about the mechanics of labor productivity join us Friday.

1st Friday Webinar: Labor Productivity, July 7, 11a

We’ll talk more about Labor Productivity, and these measures, and what they mean to the business owner seeking to improve the most important aspects of production management. Register for free by clicking the red “Info Sessions” button at www.bi4ci.com.

Every First Friday we will host an important topic.

Happy Fourth of July,

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