10 Mistakes CI Owners Make

We enjoy working with owners committed to improving performance and growing their business. And after years of observing, we thought, just maybe, we could help more by sharing a few mistakes that are often made.

Our list of ten:

  1. Under bid labor and install parts in virtually every job

  2. Have terms that are tied to events not under their control

  3. Don’t count right

  4. Have sales pay plans that don’t keep their people selling

  5. Say Just In Time but do something else

  6. Don’t focus on billable hours per technicians enough

  7. Don’t pay themselves properly

  8. Rarely have a hiring roadmap

  9. Don’t maximize the client relationship

  10. Don’t keep enough money in the company

We have the antidotes for each of these shortcomings. Simply click here to get your copy of THE TEN ANTIDOTES FOR CI MISTAKES.

It will be interesting how many are still open issues in your business. We hope few.

If you need help getting through them, consider using our coaching service.

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