Are You Having Effective Sales Huddles?

In team sports, the “huddle” is often used to call the play, to motivate and help the team sync to execute better. No different in business and particularly with sales groups.

Here are some ideas on mastering the “sales huddle”.

What is a Sales Huddle? It’s a short but disciplined, regular meeting of the sales team with one basic goal: communicate and become better at producing sales, every day, every week, and every month.

My experience in selling is you can learn from each other. Not just an opportunity to toot your own horn. Learning how client's respond to different approaches and which cues spark decision-making and influence buyers.

There is no better way to create accountability than by keeping goals and progress in front of salespeople constantly. Every one needs to come prepared to share and talk about their top 3 deals. Be careful not to require too much sales activity reporting or admin for salespeople.

Focus on writing new business, not what production is struggling to make happen. Keep the foot on the accelerator.

Weekly meeting format can include:

1. Where we are against goal: Team and individuals

2. New adds to our Target List (this should be updated every Friday if your meeting is Monday AM)

3. Designate someone each week to be the featured SHARE person

4. Go around the table: what's become clear since we last met (talk to the Top 3 Opportunities)

5. Occasionally have a topic or issue to address; publish in advance

6. When issues come up discuss them and resolve them; don’t let them linger or become excuses.

7. Meetings are best when all speak and participate

8. Find out where you can help: remove obstacles, close deals

9. Let almost nothing stop you from holding these religiously

10. If you don’t attend, make sure the person who runs the meeting creates as much/more interest and excitement than you can.

Beyond just making the number, each person should be working on new partner relationships (builders, architects & designers); a minimum of two targets per sales rep. Outside podcasts, books (usually audio books for sales types), and maybe an outside guest once in a while breaks up the monotony.

Keys for managing the meeting

  • Don't let anyone individual dominate the conversation

  • Everyone has to participate

  • Start on time and end on time

  • Make them do some work or thinking before the meeting,; not just show up and wing it

  • Celebrate Wins, Have Fun, Be Energetic

  • Reinforce how serious this is and how important they are to the company

  • Work to create a sales culture

  • Praise in public; Criticize in private

Once a quarter or even every six months take the meeting off site; build the Team. Call the plays but make sure every one is committed to executing!

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