What Is Your Sleep Number?

Perhaps you have seen the mattress company that suggests everyone has a sleep number to optimize their sleep. We think there is a strong parallel to the improvement number that each business has.

What is the improvement number that would help you sleep better at night?

Working with so many Ci companies, we have learned that the number centers on a few key measurements. And, we have developed an algorithm to determine based on a handful of data elements from your P&L just what that number should be.

Consider it a target line of improvement that you could achieve within 12 months and sustain thereafter. Each company’s number varies based on where you are in your financial/operational development.

Getting on our standard chart of accounts allows us to determine the number. It generally is thousands of dollars a month and we have seen it as high as $20K a month for clients. Neither is insignificant or impossible. And this is a Recurring Monthly Profit model (RMP) that doesn’t require large investment or major culture change to happen.

Now that Bi4Ci is public for any Ci QuickBooks User Company, we are providing the number and target line improvement plan as part of the service.

Why lose any sleep wondering what the number is. Sign-up for $1,000 ; get the number and get working on raising the bar.

Stay Vital,

Paul & Steve

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