Cyber Smarts The Next Generation

Major League Baseball ushered in the era of cyber-analytics and Billie Bean and others cut new fertile ground in using data to break the money dominated trend of winners in the movie MONEY BALL.

Operating in the custom integration business has some similarities in that data-analytics are being applied to fine tuning company performance thanks to money-ballers Steve First and Paul Starkey.

With Bi4Ci, the two industry pundits have packaged over 100 data elements into 22 easy-to-read panels under four basic dashboards to form the key data set that any aspiring CI business owners needs to succeed.

Rarely do you find such ready made answers to the questions that haunt and some times obstruct operators from achieving excellence. A bonafide recipe for getting better instantly, who wouldn't want that?

And yes, it is a software as a service model, which is securely cloud-based and delivers monthly refreshes to not only check your local performance but compare to other complying companies around the country.

Sounds expensive and complicated. Not really the $299/ a month fee seems almost to cheap for what it delivers. Is there a downside? Yes, you must conform to some standards to be measured to others. For many operators, changes in their counting methodologies are almost certain.

So what a little pain for a lot of gain. The founders claim companies are consistently seeing 5 to 10 points added to their bottom lines. Who would't want some of that?

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