12 WAYS To Boost Productivity

Here are some best practice ideas for improving productivity:

1 Measure time out the door for each truck each morning like a flight taking off on time: consider a countdown clock

2 Have detailed work instructions for each team

3 Have trucks loaded and ready to go, prior to techs arriving

4 Call ahead or go to the site before the scheduled day to see if site is ready for techs; some times trades get delayed.

5 Charge all activities on site and off site to a project including travel time

6 Keep service calls separate and assign to service personnel

7 Have escalation process for troubleshooting; involve the minimal number of people in the resolution process

8 Reward tech for under budget and off job early; communicate where each project is weekly; report project data daily

9 Reward over 60% efficiency with accumulative bonus pay and pay it two weeks prior to their schedule vacation

10 Keep all non installing activities from billable techs; e.g. parts running, service calls, office meetings, limit admin time, un-boxing product and rack- building that can be done in the office.

11 Train and require methods compliance doing the same things the same way pays dividends

12 Keep the same techs on the same jobs eliminating restart time and

transition issues.

Of 2080 possible hours per year, subtract vacation/ holidays/ training/ some pad to arrive at a fair hours denominator for all techs: 133 hours a month should be close.

What improving billable hours per tech per week cam mean to your bottom line. One hour per week per tech can mean $4,000 to $5,400 in increased profit per tech. We have seen companies pick up 3 and 4 hours of billable time per tech and with 10 techs this is a significant profit improvement.

Continue to think innovatively about continuous improvement.

What if, you implemented a 4 day 9 hour workweek with the fifth day being a half-day for service only projects. Maybe: Tuesday and Thursday become your service days. Two thoughts: you eliminate travel to the site by 20% and you align client expectations for service.

The employees get a free afternoon in the middle of the week in addition to their weekend. The half day can be used for meetings and training if you prefer.

Brainstorm with the TEAM: find new ways of doing what you do.

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