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Intelligence for



“The more you know and understand about how your company makes money, the more money your company will make."

                                                                                                                       - Paul Starkey, VITAL MGMT

Three Very Innovative Services to Build Your Business Around
  1. Dashboard Systems with Ci Metrics & Benchmarks
  2. Coaching + Service Coached to a plan with monthly accountability
  3. Controller + Service Fractional financial expertise
Get on a proven standardized system for attacking the improvement gap in your company; there a tens of thousands of dollars waiting.

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Business Intelligence (biz’nǝs ĭn-tĕl′ə-jəns) n. A technology-driven process for collecting and analyzing data and then presenting that data in a way that informs management actions.


Bi4Ci (bi’-ai-4-ci’-ai) n. An in-the-cloud Business Intelligence system designed by VITAL MGMT for Custom Electronics installation companies

Benchmarked metrics are color-coded to help you instantly see what's good and not-so-good


                      BLUE=Very Good I GREEN=Good I YELLOW=OK I RED=Not OK

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions"     -Ken Blanchard, author


  • No more looking at a maze of numbers and trying to figure out the most important things to work on.

  • No more missing the tens-of-thousands of potential profits hiding in your integration business.

  • Better intelligence drives better decisions. Work smarter, starting today.

  • We are yet to find a company that is not losing $4,000 a month in missed profit opportunity. In fact, we have seen several companies missing $50,000 a month.  


For the full array of metrics in the Bi4Ci system, click here.




Bi4Ci dashboards pull key data directly and securely from your QuickBooks® company file. 32 discrete account values are used to compile all the metrics you see in the system. Once set-up and connection are complete, nothing other than regular bookkeeping activities is required to keep your dashboards current. The data is updated daily, automatically.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started:

1) Import the Master Account List from VITAL to your QuickBooks® file. Align existing accounts to our scheme with QB Pro advisor help (1-2 hours)

2) Align your Item List and Payroll Items (if using QuickBooks® Payroll) with QB Pro advisor help (1-3 hours)

3) Meet by phone with the Bi4Ci tech team to connect Bi4Ci cloud server to your QuickBooks® Online or Desktop enabled machine (15 minutes)

That is it!

The entire process can be completed within a week or two, depending

on your company's schedule, and ours.

Learn how to get traction by attending the monthly group coaching sessions on line.

How Much

TheBi4Ci subscription service is $300/month with a minimum starting term commitment of 6 months. The subscription includes free access to our growing library of resources as well as a monthly "Town Hall" meeting with founders Paul Starkey and Steve Firszt.

The one-time set-up fee is $1.500. This includes 8 hours of time for our QuickBooks® Pro advisor to help you get accounts imported and configured, and to align your item list with the Equipment, Parts & Labor accounts of the VITAL system.

What happens then is significant . . . 

Changing accounts and items can have a profound effect on the quality of data coming from QuickBooks®. Learning and implementing the VITAL process for revenue recognition and Customer deposit accounting will deliver further positive impact. Having the metrics at your fingertips will allow you to manage more effectively than ever before.

Then what? ...

Add professionals to your team by hiring our coaches and/or controller. Get the help you need to succeed.

The complete package: dashboards, controller and coach; is just $1,000/month. Which is less than any part time employee will cost you and much more powerful.


Meet the people behind the intelligence, we care about your business performing better



Bi4Ci's industry specific metrics provide timely feedback that illuminates exactly where your company is performing and where it needs improvement.  Learn More . . . 

To Get Started click here to order the set-up service
The impact to user companies has been phenomenal with over $12M in annual profits increased on total revenue eclipsing $120M